New leap*New group*New start *New journey The company adhere to the "customer needs, our pursuit of" the core values of the enterprise, adhering to the "innovation, integration of high quality resources, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, advocate team cooperation, build brands, enhance the value of the product of the company vision, high grade, high quality, high quality service and actively explore the market, for many years was" the famous brand product "title.

About Us

The company has been stable in production and operation for 15 years, and has developed into one of the key medium-sized private enterprises in Shizuishan City. It has formed a circular economy industrial chain of lime-calcium carbide-lime nitrogen-dicyandiamide chemical industry. Its products are exported to home and abroad and are export-oriented enterprises in Shizuishan City.

Mobile:86-13512345678 Telephone:86-010-12345678

Email:[email protected]
Address:Lanshan Garden, Hongguozi Industrial Park, Huinong District, Shizuishan City, Ningxia
Attention to us:
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